Forums Rules

Forums Rules


The principles
Use of the Forum, and more generally all actions by the User on the Forum, are subject to compliance with these General Conditions of Use and more particularly to compliance with this User Charter.

The forum is a place of expression open to all. You are invited to express yourself freely while respecting everyone’s opinions and rights. Discussions must be carried out in a spirit of conviviality and understanding. The themes and subjects discussed in the Forums must be related to the practice of boating and more particularly to competition in living accommodation. To this end, the sections of the forum are organized around: stopover facilities, navigation offers (free of charge), technical equipment (advice, advice, announcements). In addition, members of UNCL and PropIRC have access to sections and private discussion groups that relate respectively to the life of the UNCL club, and to the management of the IRC gauge.

The User agrees that the Shared Content complies with the laws and regulations in force and respects the rights of third parties.

The User must also show respect for the elementary rules of good morals and good conduct in the comments they share.

This Charter includes in particular a general obligation of courtesy.

The UNCL recommends compliance with the following practices when 

using the Forum:

In particular, the following uses are prohibited:

aggression and insults;
inciting intrusion into protected systems without authorization;
comments or advice aimed at clearly promoting a political party, a religion, a sect, or inciting practices dangerous to health (regimes, medications, drugs, stimulants);

statements clearly encouraging the consumption of alcohol and tobacco;
comments of a disguised promotional nature;
relentlessness – exaggerated criticism;

the theft of the identity of UNCL and other Forum Users or any other person or entity;
the opening of several accounts or different identifiers in order to harm the service or to circumvent these Conditions.
In addition, the User undertakes:

to check that their messages are not off topic and that they are relevant, otherwise the User may not receive any response and disrupt exchanges;
watch out for any spelling and syntax errors and avoid abbreviated words as much as possible, which are not understandable by everyone;
to be sincere in their comments;
that his comments do not infringe the rights of third parties, including the UNCL.
In particular, since each User has the possibility of illustrating his profile with a photo of himself, an avatar or an image, he undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations in force as well as the rights of third parties. As such, it undertakes in particular that:
in the event that he illustrates his profile with a photo of himself, the photo represents him, to the exclusion of any other person;
in the event that he illustrates his profile with a photo of himself, an avatar or an image, it does not infringe the personality rights or the intellectual property rights of any third party.
The User is expressly informed that he is solely responsible for the content of the messages he sends, and more generally for the Content shared on the Forum, as well as for any other action on his part on the Forum. Consequently, only the person having completed the registration form, will assume both civil and criminal liability and the UNCL cannot be held responsible for the illegal nature under the laws and regulations in force of the content exchanged, messages or other, in the framework of the Forum. The User will therefore be required to guarantee the UNCL and possibly indemnify it for any claims from a third party in this regard.

Respect for people and their rights
The Content shared by the User must comply with the regulations, it must not infringe or be contrary to public order, good morals or could offend the sensitivity of minors.

The Content shared by the User must not infringe in any way whatsoever the rights, the reputation of a brand or a person, the image and the privacy of any third natural or legal person. , including UNCL. Thus, for example, any disparaging or defamatory remarks are prohibited.

The Content shared by the User must not be pornographic or pedophile.

The Content shared by the User must not undermine the security or integrity of any state or territory, whatever it may be.

The Content shared by the User must not allow third parties to obtain pirated software, software serial numbers or any software that may harm or infringe, in any way, the rights or property of third parties.

The Content shared by the User must not infringe the intellectual property rights of any natural or legal person, including the UNCL.


The Content shared by the User must not incite hatred, violence, suicide, racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, homophobia, advocate war crimes or crimes against humanity.

The Content shared by the User must not incite to commit a crime, an offense or an act of terrorism.

The Content shared by the User must not incite discrimination against a person or a group of persons because of their belonging to an ethnic group, religion, race, or because of their sexual orientation or of his handicap.

Ads / Advertising and Canvassing

The User agrees not to post any content (in particular text, image, link) as part of an advertising or canvassing purpose directly or indirectly for his benefit.

This Forum allows you to sell nautical equipment on a private and occasional basis (non-professional) in the “Equipment / announcements” section. It is not intended to compete with professionals. The sale of new equipment is tolerated if the justification is presented. In all cases, the seller is occasional and does not submit a recurring or high volume offer (in which case the practice is akin to a professional trade and subject to moderation). Negotiations and finalization of the sale are carried out via MP Message Personnel and only engage the stakeholders (seller + buyer Users of the UNCL site) and in no case the UNCL. As such, the general conditions of sale on this site do not apply to this section. Under no circumstances can the object of sales on this forum be considered part of the official UNCL store. Transactions are carried out under the sole responsibility of the Users respectively sellers and buyers. Any problems related to a sale cannot be attributed or resolved by the UNCL.

All commercial proposals in other sections of the Forum will be deleted. Telephone numbers, email addresses, links to any other advertising site (eg ebay, leboncoin, etc.) are prohibited. Offers of services are not authorized and will be subject to moderation. Active participation in the life of the forum is requested from selling members. This site is a space for discussion, and any User who uses this forum only for sales may have their permission to post or connect to them withdrawn.

Intellectual Property / Miscellaneous

It is recalled that pursuant to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, an intellectual work cannot be reproduced on the Internet without the authorization of the author or his successors in title. The User therefore agrees that all the Content he posts does not infringe these intellectual property rights.

The User undertakes not to include in his comments and contributions addresses or hypertext links to external sites which are in particular contrary to the laws, regulations and agreements in force and which infringe the rights of third parties or which are contrary to these General Conditions of Use.

It is forbidden to download, distribute, send by email or transmit any document harmful to the computer systems of UNCL or of others, including in particular, any document containing viruses, or any other code, computer worm, data, file. or program designed to damage the Forum or allow unauthorized access to it which could lead to failure, error, malfunction or alteration of the Forum.

The User must immediately inform the UNCL of any legal action, and more generally of any complaint or dispute of which he is informed and which relates to the Content present on the Forum.

Identifications and access

It is strictly forbidden to attempt to access the Forum in an unauthorized manner, in particular by using any computer system or network connected to the site by “hacking”, by using the password, appropriation of an account other than his own, use of the another person’s name, password or any other information obtained by illegal means. It is also prohibited to use robots, or any other automatic device, to copy content.

The User is prohibited from allowing access to the Forum to any third party, including other Users, in particular by communicating their access codes. It undertakes to ensure that its access codes cannot be accessed by these third parties.


The User expressly declares that he owns all the rights or has obtained any s the necessary authorizations related to the use and distribution of the Content shared on the Forum. These Contents must at all times comply with these Conditions and more generally, not be harmful or illegal, in particular intended for minors.

As such, the User guarantees the UNCL against any complaint, claim, recourse of any third party which will be based on the dissemination of the Content and information shared on the Forum and / or caused by any breach by the User of these General Conditions of Use.

Complaints and moderation

For any complaint, it is possible to address, in writing, to the UNCL via the electronic address which will be indicated to you by private message, indicating the message of the Forum concerned, the reason for the complaint and attaching any document. supporting document. The UNCL undertakes to remove any message posted by one of the Forum Users if it infringes the rights of others, public order and good morals, as defined by applicable French law.

It is expressly recalled that the UNCL has control only of the articles and messages that it writes and publishes itself on the Forum.

The moderation team will analyze the Content, which may result in masking.


As part of his access to the site, the User is expressly reminded that the Internet is not a secure network.

Under these conditions, it is up to the User to take all the appropriate measures in order to protect his own data and / or software, in particular from contamination by any viruses circulating on the Internet network or from the intrusion of a third party. in the system of his terminal for whatever purpose and to check that the files transmitted do not contain any computer viruses. UNCL declines all responsibility for the spread of computer viruses, as well as for any consequences that may result from these viruses.

More particularly, the UNCL cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to Users, their computer equipment and the data stored there, as well as the consequences that may result on their personal or professional activity.

The UNCL cannot be held responsible for any malfunctions of the Internet network, in particular due to external malicious acts, which would prevent the proper functioning of the Service. The UNCL can no longer be held responsible in the event that one or more Users are unable to connect to the Forum due to any problem or technical defect related in particular to network congestion.


UNCL reserves the right to permanently terminate access to the Forum for any person who does not comply with these General Conditions of Use.

If the User wishes to unsubscribe and thus terminate their account on the Forum, they must go to the “unsubscribe” section provided for this purpose.

In the event that the UNCL cancels a User’s access to the Forum for breach of these General Conditions of Use, that User is prohibited from attempting to register again.

Publication of Content on the Forum

The Forum provides the opportunity for all Users to submit topics or read and comment on topics proposed by other Users.

The Content thus shared must respect the themes of the spaces in which it is published.

For each message shared by Users, the date of publication of the notice and of its possible update will be indicated and the message will be signed with the nickname of the User who published it.

The Content shared by Users on the Forum is without providing any consideration.

The publication of User comments and contributions on the Forum is immediate (except for Content subject to keyword moderation).

UNCL reserves the right to modify the Content shared by Users for technical needs.

Users agree that all other Users have unrestricted access to the Content they have uploaded with the exception of private messages sent from their private messaging to the private messaging of another User.

Participation in the Forum is voluntary and voluntary. Each User can ask questions or participate in the Forums for free. No remuneration or compensation in any form whatsoever is due for contributions made to the Forum and constituting a pooled knowledge base. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions of Use, any User expressly waives any claim to UNCL for any remuneration / compensation for writings published within the framework of this Forum.

The User is solely responsible for the Content he publishes links on the Forum.

UNCL reserves the right to carry out a posteriori verification of the compliance of the Content offered with regard to the regulations and these General Conditions of Use.

In addition, the UNCL moderates User contributions a priori via a list of keywords that identify any sharing of Content contrary to these General Conditions of Use.